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VivaCell Quality Certificate

Use our scientific  certificate to demontsrate that the health benefits were approved and validate by us.

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Phytodrugs / Nutraceuticals

VivaCell Ltd. has broad experience and expertise in phytodrug research with a variety of natural products used as phytodrugs or nutraceuticals for several indications (e.g. St. John's wort (Hypericum), Devils Claw (Harpagophytum), fever few (Tanacetum), [...]

Phytodrugs / Nutraceuticals2024-01-23T15:59:24+00:00

Probiotic Research

We offer all of our models also for probiotic research. We developed a special protocol to test the bioactivity of probioptics in various cellular models. These models were use to prove the biological effects of a [...]

Probiotic Research2024-01-23T15:59:24+00:00


At VivaCell, we offer a wide portfolio of protocols to evaluate the natural and specific immune response in isolated human and murine lymphoid cells and also in transformed cell lines. In addition, animal models mimicking [...]


Animal health

Wissenschaftliche Unterstützung zur besseren Vermarktung von Nahrungsmitteln / -ergänzungsmitteln sowie medizinischen Präparaten und deren gesundheitsfördernden Wirkung bei Pferden Eine optimale Ernährung der Pferde ist ein wichtiger Faktor für die Gesundheit und damit auch der Leistungsfähigkeit [...]

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Awarded by “Stifterverband”

We were awarded the Stifterverband's "Innovative through Research" for our research activities.

Awarded by “Stifterverband”2024-01-23T15:59:24+00:00
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