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Dermato-cosmetic services

Vivacell Biotechnology GmbH provides specialised in vitro models and assays for testing and developing ingredients, formulations, and end products for the cosmetic, dermato-cosmetic, hair, personal and oral care market. Our major task is to [...]

Dermato-cosmetic services2018-03-29T15:29:18+00:00

Oral care

VivaCell offers highly specialised and reliable models for testing oral care products (tooth paste, mouth wash etc.) for their potential to prevent or treat gingivitis. The models are used for testing marketed products as well [...]

Oral care2018-04-12T08:40:19+00:00

VivaCell Quality Certificate

Use our scientific  certificate to demontsrate that the health benefits were approved and validate by us.

VivaCell Quality Certificate2018-03-26T15:13:09+00:00

Phytodrugs / Nutraceuticals

VivaCell Ltd. has broad experience and expertise in phytodrug research with a variety of natural products used as phytodrugs or nutraceuticals for several indications (e.g. St. John's wort (Hypericum), Devils Claw (Harpagophytum), fever few (Tanacetum), [...]

Phytodrugs / Nutraceuticals2021-11-28T13:54:31+00:00

Probiotic Research

We offer all of our models also for probiotic research. We developed a special protocol to test the bioactivity of probioptics in various cellular models. These models were use to prove the biological effects of a [...]

Probiotic Research2018-03-29T15:50:52+00:00


At VivaCell, we offer a wide portfolio of protocols to evaluate the natural and specific immune response in isolated human and murine lymphoid cells and also in transformed cell lines. In addition, animal models mimicking [...]


Oncology / Angiogenesis

At VivaCell, we have adapted specific protocols “in vitro” to study the anti-tumoural activity of phytomedicines and nutraceuticals. More than 100 parameters including cellular, molecular and biochemical techniques are offered to our client, and by [...]

Oncology / Angiogenesis2021-11-28T13:53:12+00:00

Animal health

Wissenschaftliche Unterstützung zur besseren Vermarktung von Nahrungsmitteln / -ergänzungsmitteln sowie medizinischen Präparaten und deren gesundheitsfördernden Wirkung bei Pferden Eine optimale Ernährung der Pferde ist ein wichtiger Faktor für die Gesundheit und damit auch der Leistungsfähigkeit [...]

Animal health2018-03-19T08:34:33+00:00

Awarded by „Stifterverband“

We were awarded the Stifterverband's "Innovative through Research" for our research activities.

Awarded by „Stifterverband“2018-03-19T09:59:36+00:00
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