About Us

Vivacell Biotechnology GmbH is a privately owned contract-based research organisation (CRO) that provides specialised in vitro and in vivo models for the development and proving the health benefits  of cosmetics, oral and personal care products, nutraceuticals, food and bevarages, pharmaceuticals, probiotcials, natural products, and botanicals.

Additional services for marketing studies are offered.

VivaCell’s preclinical services include standard protocols and protocols adapted to the needs of the customers using a variety of in vitro and in vivo systems.

VivaCell is combining highly qualified cellular and molecular biology knowledge and expertise in various fields.

At VivaCell we offer you complete research projects from basic R&D up to pre-clinical research (GLP) in one hand. Our clients do not have to gather the research data form various CROs.

Meet The Team

Bernd L. Fiebich, Ph.D. (CEO)

Bernd L. Fiebich is CEO and co-founder of VivaCell.

He is an expert in immunology and inflammatory diseases.

Bernd L. Fiebich is an internationally leading scientist in the field of inflammation (see publications). He works in the field of natural products for many years, especially on analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of phytomedicines (e.g. Harpagophytum).

He established a variety of cellular models of pain and inflammation.

He guided many projects in the field of drug and extract development.

His scientifc expertise is proven by more then 170 research impact papers and a h-factor of 53! (see pubmed: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Fiebich+B)

Link to CV (siehe Anhang)

Kurt Appel, Ph. D. (CEO)

Kurt Appel is CEO of VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH since 2001.

Specialised on safety aspects of natural products Dr. Appel managed various safety studies with natural products (Harpagophytum, Hypericum, Passiflora, St. John’s Wort etc.) over the last years.

Before Dr. Appel joined VivaCell he was the responsible scientist (CRO) in the field of metabolism and drug interaction for about a decade and head of the “BSE Labor Südwest”.

Our mission

„Serving to solve your research tasks and prove the bioactivity and health benefits of your products“

Our aim is to serve our clients with the best quality by:

  • Performing short time high quality studies at good prices
  • The unique expertise of scientists assembled from the fields of nutraceutical, botanicals, molecular and cellular biology and phytochemistry not to be found in another company in Europe
  • Individual and flexible study designs
  • Scientific written reports including a conclusion and outlook
  • Carrying out scientific tasks provided by the clients
  • Bringing your scientific hypothesis to the bench
  • Providing evidence of bioactivity and health benefits of your products
  • Identification of new indications for your drugs
  •  Solving regulatory questions and demands
  • Providing new arguments for marketing strategies

You need a drug target or the proof of a bioactivity and health benefit, we will try our best to help you !


VivaCell is combining highly qualified cellular and molecular biology knowledge and expertise in various fields with a focus on cosmetics, oral care, nutraceuticals, food, pharmaceuticals, probiotcials, natural products and botanicals.

We have demonstrated our expertise over the last 20 years in with a variety of research projects, studying the efficacy of products in vitro and in vivo.

We were and are involved in EU projects developing new products for the health benefits of the EU population.

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