Screening Platforms

SimDerma© Platform:

Through the collaboration between innoHealth and Vivacell, we are the only company offering a rapid multiparametric and low-price screening platform that includes 30 key dermocosmetic targets, a valuable comprehensive screening system for cosmetic ingredients (SimDerma®)

The biological data obtained in SimDerma® are analyzed in the INCOS® platform to identify synergistic activities between individual ingredients and to develop novel dermocosmetic products with superior activity for specific applications.
A Joint Venture with innoHealth Group

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NutraTest© platform:

NutraTest© is an in vitro multiparametric platform that includes 30 key targets to prove the health beneficial bioactivities of compounds, nutraceuticals, ingredients, probiotics etc. which are offered in two packs: Standard Screening
and Advanced Screening.

This platform is very competitive in cost and time and it is very useful to provide new and additional knowledge in respect to healthy food and nutraceutical products of companies and
research groups.

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OMICs platform iVOS®:

The innoHealth & Vivacell Omics Service (iVOS®) is a revolutionary platform focused on studying the effect of a treatment over skin cells using different omics approaches. Both transcriptomics and proteomics are
widely used techniques in basic research on multiple fields. iVOS® platform does not only provide the experimental structure needed to carry out these studies, but also processes the results through the use
of bioinformatics.

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