Collaboration VivaCell and SimCosmetic

SimDerma: new screening platform for cosmetic ingredients

October 2015:

VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH and SimCosmetic Biotech (link to youtube) announced that it they entered into Collaboration to distribute the new developed platforms SimDerma and INCOS. VivaCell Biotechnolgy GmbH is now the exclusive distributor of this platform in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavian Benelux countries, UK and USA.

SimDerma is an in vitro multiparametric platform that includes 28 key cellular and molecular targets. Novel targets are always on the process of validation to be included in this platform. Therefore, a comprehensive screening system has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skin care products development.

April 2016:

We have further developed the SimDerma platform with now 30 parameters (advanced screening), a short version (standard screening with 15 parameters) is also available (see new flyer below). The SimDerma platform is described in the Cossma publication below.

The biological data obtained in SimDerma might be further analyzed in the INgredient COmbinatorial System platform to identify synergistic activities between individual ingredients and to develop novel dermocosmetic products with superior activity for specific applications. It implements an algorithm capable of calculating optimized ingredient blends for different applications, its competitive advantage lies in the optimization of costs and production time for the formulator.

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